A personal stylist dedicated to you

Stacy Amelina

Release yourself from other’s “fashionable” opinion.

In a senseless rush for fashionable trends, it is very easy to lose yourself or not to find at all. To feel admiring sights and to be yourself are the things that provide you with unique style.
So what is a unique style? My answer is: to break the borders of others opinions and convictions. To stay true to yourself and to your aspirations. To realize this and to make your own choice.
Each person is an individuality. The main thing is to be yourself.
It is simple: own style is a lifestyle. Happiness is when you have your own lifestyle. But first of all you have to look in the mirror, to feel and then to realize the kind of style which is comfortable for you.

My way:

When I was a kid, there was a continuous idea in my head to diversify the world around me and to fill it in with individuality. I understood that we are what we see. My first step in changing this world was its observing and then graduating design and architecture faculty.
Accidentally I became a model and after several successful years in a fashionable business I understood that backstage is more suitable for me.
I started my way as a designer in the British higher school of art and design.

I am today:

Don’t think that I do only fashionable photo sessions. I create personal looks, individual style. I will assist you in shopping and will help you to reveal your beauty.