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Personal Styling

As a personal stylist, you’d be forgiven
for thinking that my world is dictated
by the glamour of fashion – and of
course, that plays a part of it.


But bigger than that is the power of what the right clothes can do for a person.
Image is our armour; it rockets our self-esteem and boosts our confidence and
will have a huge impact on what you can achieve. It influences how the rest of
the world views you, of course, but more crucially, looking and feeling
incredible transforms your view of yourself.

Fashion style

My work is fuelled by a sense of empowerment, strength and confidence – and
it all starts by understanding you.

We are not all clones and nor are the services you need. Below is a flavour of
the ways we can get you looking and feeling gorgeous, but I find it best to
create a plan tailored to exactly what you need. We’ll begin the process with an
initial consultation – by phone or by Skype – to get to know each other better.
I’ll send you a questionnaire beforehand, and from there I’ll set out a bespoke
plan that’ll suit you. How exciting!